We believe we set the standard in cleaning service by exercising our core values in everything we do:

We find motivated and dedicated people who care about the service they provide and define the standards we want to achieve and then we train them in order to achieve it. In short we look for people with an attitude of customer service, and then give them the skills they need.

Regular training programs are put in place to make sure that our staff are technically capable of achieving what you need them to achieve.

We put operating systems in place, backed up by ISO 9001* quality standards to ensure that the service you need is provided first time, every time, and we put contingency plans in place to resolve any problems which might occur, quickly and effectively.

If it’s not measured it’s not managed; we measure the effectiveness of our service to you using a combination of regular audits and reporting, constant feedback loops with your key staff to ensure that the service runs the way you need it to.

For clients such as medical centres and nurseries, and those clients that would like the re-assurance, we are happy to provide Background checks
Your business is our business, and we are proud of the part that we play in it.

* ISO 9001 concentrates on eight management principles. Customer Focus, Leadership, The involvement of people, Process approach, System approach to management, continual improvement, A factual approach to decision making and Mutually beneficial supplier relationship.
You can relax in confidence and certainty that 3 Way Cleaning will meet and surpass your expectations.

Our Values