What is it about 3 Way which makes the difference?

  • From the quoting stage through to commencement of each contract, we offer a highly professional, site specific, consultancy service at all times. We implement a start-up plan with a stringent feedback loop to you to ensure that the service we provide is the one you want. A Manager will supervise the start-up phase to ensure that the service you get is the one you want, and will only handover over to a local dedicated supervisor when both we and you are happy.

  • We constantly monitor our levels of service. We will point out any areas where you can save money, without reducing quality and identify if your cleaning can be achieved more efficiently.

  • Our quotes are highly transparent. Nothing is hidden and we do not mask any of our costs. The “bottom line” is clearly calculated to the contractual hourly rate of each contract and is easily identified. We do not use jargon to confuse and you will know exactly what services we are offering you.

  • Our recruitment process is unique in that it is tailored to attract the best possible staff, those that will embrace the behavioural ethos we adopt of professionalism, pride in what we do, openness, reliability and constantly seeking out ways to improve both personally and professionally. Our Human Resources staff ensure that all checks are done to ensure right to work status, identification checks and so on.

  • All our cleaning operatives are required to complete a detailed, methodical and stringent training and induction process. Our training methods are the envy of the industry, and we ensure only high quality staff are on your site.

  • We employ more supervisors than the industry average. This ensures closer monitoring of the performance levels of our cleaning operatives, highlighting any additional or continual training needs they might have.

  • We have a systematic method for logging, monitoring and resolving our customers concerns. This process is rigidly adhered to and our dedicated Customer Service Manager ensures that when things go wrong, as they inevitably will from time to time, a painless and speedy resolution is found. We operate a 24 hour resolution standard and we actively seek out feed-back from our customers to make sure things will only go wrong once. Our customers know we are approachable regarding any issues that arise and make a point of telling us so.

  • We provide all our cleaning operatives with access to a 24 hour telephone system manned by a member of our management team. Should there be an emergency situation at work, or a cleaner is unable to attend work then we can ensure that a replacement cleaner is placed to that contract immediately.

Why should you come to us?