At 3 Way we recognise the complex & diverse needs of the commercial sector, and can provide a high class solution for every situation.

Fast moving stock and 24 hour operation can be a challenge for some cleaning contractors as they need to work discreetly around the day to day operation; 3 Way determine what can be done when and what can’t, and find solutions to the problems we face together as a partnership.

Health & Safety are of paramount importance within the commercial field, and we work to ISO 18001 standards. This certification ensures that we adhere to extremely strict guidelines with regard to the health and safety of our clients and workforce. It is also evidence of our commitment to continually assessing health and safety issues, and consistently surpassing all regulatory obligations.

3 Way Cleaning have provided commercial cleaning aisle and warehouse support services to Aldi warehouses both in USA and UK, for many years and have provided cleaning services for the National Grid in UK.


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